Preparation, Day #1: Marketing

whole foods

Took my list and headed to Whole Foods!  I was truly surprised with the list, and in a pleasant way.  I can shop at any market for most of the foods , however, there are certain items which you will want to go to a specialty market for, but no need to break the bank, this is a good thing!

Because of my post on Facebook, I found out that my good friends the Brown’s along with their daughter are on Day #6 of this same detox. They shared lots of great cooking ideas. Thanks Brown Family, I am sure to be calling you all week:)

I also woke to a welcome to day #1 of your preparation from Laurie, what support and this is just the beginning. Oh,by the way, it  was Laurie that suggested shopping at Walmart for certain items to save some money.  A health and nutrition coach who is watching my spending, I like her!

Scariest item purchased was the Rice and Almond Milk. I will be using these as the base for my smoothies vs. my non fat Greek Yogurt, OY VEY!


SHHHHHHH…do not tell Laurie, I am supposed to be slowly cutting out certain foods between now and day#1 of the cleanse(Sunday), but could not resist having Sushi for lunch!  But did not have the Egg McMufffin this morning, so I guess that is a start.

Have an amazing day and hey, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ” do one thing every day that scares you.”(translation, leave your comfort zone and watch what happens)

See you all tomorrow!

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