Tomorrow is the big day…..let the detox/cleanse begin

Hi all:

I will begin my 11 day cleanse/detox tomorrow and I am very excited. I want to be clear, this is not a liquid diet where you give up food, it is just the opposite. I get to eat, fruit, veggies, chicken, fish etc.  As Laurie explains, it is more of an elimination program where you eliminate processed foods, sugar, and foods that can cause you disruption in your digestive system.  Replacing those foods with better choices and with foods that will actually help our systems function better and in return make us feel better overall.



1. I want to eliminate that 3pm exhaustion I feel every day.

2. I want to sleep better at night

3. I want to feel less bloated and wake up without my eyes being swollen

(and if I can lose a couple of pounds that would be just fine:)

Looking forward to my am cup of warm lemon water….yummy, yum, yum!

Talk to you tomorrow everyone!


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