Day 1 Detox/Cleanse

OY!  So where to begin. It was a bit tough but not as hard as I would have expected.  My smoothie for breakfast turned out to be delicious. The most difficult part of this is going to be snacks.  We are truly limited to what we can have, so creativity and Laurie’s suggestions are a must to follow.  Also, you need to PLAN. Luckily I had an easy Sunday. I spent the afternoon cooking so I have meals for the next couple of days ready to eat. (I will share these dishes as I consume them all this week.)

Bottom line, I had moments where I thought I was crazy to commit to this plan and then the moment would pass.  I just need to figure out what foods satisfy me the most.

My favorite drink, was the cranberry concentrate with the water in the afternoon.  

SECRET SHARE: I had too much to drink last night and did not feel great this morning. I made my smoothie and 20 minutes after drinking it I felt really really good.  Did I maybe discover a hangover cure??? Where was this from 1984-1988?????

Smoothie: Almond Milk, a bit of water, frozen blueberries, strawberries, bananas, 1 tsp raw honey, a bit of Kale and a dash of vanilla!

Before and After shots of the all healing smoothie!


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