Easy to do, Easy not to do!

“Easy to do, Easy not to do” this is a quote I heard first from Jim Rohn then again in the book the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. It was a quote that put a lot of things in perspective for me.  Fitting for my 11 Day Detox, 

I decided I wanted to have more energy and not feel like crashing at 3pm every day and I also wanted to see if I could improve my nights sleep.  So I asked myself, “Self?” ” what is 11 days in the scheme of my entire life to make some simple changes?” Once I asked that question the stress of thinking and overthinking went away.

Today, Day#2 much better, however, I cannot stress how important it is to prepare in order to have the best day possible with this program.  By prepare, packing snacks and having the right foods available with you if you are out and about.

Snapshot of Day#2:

started out with a cup of warm lemon water(still pretending this is yummy!)

Made the same smoothie as yesterday, but added spinach as well…this was really great. Kept me satisfied and had great energy.

Snack was a pear and I had Turkey on a salad filled with veggies and used Balsamic and Olive oil for dressing!

Tonight’s Dinner: Chicken, with Artichoke, Mushrooms, Spinach,  Tomato!



It is currently 2:45pm and I feel great, not tired, not feeling edgy or cranky…hmmm

we may be onto something here.

Figure out what you want and then say..Easy to do , Easy not to do, so as Nike says…JUST DO IT!

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