Day # 3……

Ok, so yes day #3 and although going well, it does feel like a long time. I promised to be honest.  I have to say the lemon water today was actually a welcome drink, and my cranberry/water in the afternoon is great as well.  

I felt a bit tired for most of the day, not sure if this is because I did not have a smoothie for breakfast but instead had it for a mid afternoon snack. Maybe the am banana and pear did not cut it. But very lethargic today.  (note: was told this could be a symptom while my body is adjusting to my new eating patterns and habits but should pass)

Tonight I had a great smoothie with Avocado, Blueberries, strawberries, spinach, basil, raw honey and almond milk….really , really good.  The avocado made it creamier and I loved it.  Recipe compliments of cousin Alexis from Pittsburgh.  

Still struggling with snack time and the lack of something sweet, so tomorrow may try a chocolate smoothie post dinner.

Laurie’s daily emails are great, short, with good tips for the day, looking forward to tomorow’s.  Today she discussed taking care of yourself physically/emotionally by maybe getting a message, soaking in a bath, taking time to meditate etc.


This program can be as much or as little for yourself as you make it. It does not have to be all about the food, it can and is an overall wellness program.  

 So on that note, I will be headed to bed early.

Night Night and make tomorrow a good day


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