Wahoo….made it to Day 4!

If I am going to share I might as well share it all. So yesterday was the first day since beginning this program I felt very tired and just an overall feeling of yuk.  Now, before you say, well I am not doing a detox if I am going to feel yucky, you must understand that this is a DETOX.  

As Laurie explained to me , your digestive system and your body are going through a detox so it is natural to have a day or two at the beginning you just feel a bit off.  Today, however, day #4, feeling good.

Have to say I am now enjoying my two hot cups of lemon water, for me it was making it hot vs  warm. I have still not been brave enough to add in the apple cider vinegar and , shhhh do not tell Laurie, but I probably never will:)

Great lunch, see the picture of my Salad below.  Thanks to Laura R. for her suggestion of pumpkin seeds.  I had lettuce, spinach, pumpkin seeds, avocado, dried cranberry and shrimp.  It was delicious. Oh yes, the dressing, same as yesterday, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon & Dijon Mustard.

Still struggling for snacks and sweets other than fruit and veggies.  Today I mixed the dried cranberry and pumpkin seeds together and ate them as a late snack.

Tomorrow I will be brave and try the homemade Chia Breakfast Pudding…..PRAY FOR ME!!!

Overall, I feel lighter, or maybe It is less bloated and that is a great feeling. I have also gone 4 days without a cup of coffee, although I miss a hot cup, I am doing well without the caffeine, so maybe I can switch to decaf after all is said and done.


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