Day 5 and all I have to say is….ewwwwww!!!!

Ok, so I left my comfort zone and decided to make the Warm Chia Pudding(see picture at the bottom). Basically you combine a cup of almond milk with 1/3 cup of Chia seeds, place in a container, shake well and put in refrigerator overnight.  I wake up, put the Chia pudding in a pot onto of stove and add some honey for sweetness and heat as instructed, top it with raisins and dig in.  Ewwwwwwww!   Now, the pudding consistency I could handle, however the site of the black seeds along with the smell(must be the almond milk), after 2 bites I dumped it. Very disappointed, I really wanted to like it.  However, it is so true that all of our senses control our reaction to food.  If my eyes had been closed and no odor I would have eaten the entire bowl, oh well,  maybe over time I would get used to it,  but NO THANKS.

At least I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried something new.  

Lunch and Dinner were great, and I continue to enjoy the smoothies.  Will definitely be keeping the smoothies as part of my daily food.

Still wanting sweet in the evenings, hoping this craving will begin to go away because it is really , really hard.

OVERALL RATING:  Today was a really good day!


Warm Chia Pudding with raisins…


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