Day 6, the end of elimination!

Not a very eventful day.  Still loving the smoothies! I did find a great snack, I mixed dried cranberries with pumpkin seeds, really tasty! Not all dried cranberries are a like, the ones from Whole Foods are much bigger and juicier, I highly recommend their brand.

Had my first challenge of the week, went to a friends house for dinner. Because I did not know what was going to be served, I ate a late lunch that consisted of a very large Salad with Shrimp and veggies in it.    This had been planned for weeks so there was no changing the date.  Thanks Mike and Danene for being such gracious hosts.  I never, never , ever impose my dietary restrictions on a host.   She brought out Balsamic for my salad and her chicken was delicious.  Veggies and Chicken, Decaf Tea after and a great evening with great friends and business partners.   I did not even miss the cookies and cake, no desire for them at all(maybe I am coming down with something???)

Today marks the halfway point in my 11 day Detox/Cleanse.  Beginning tomorrow I start reintroducing certain food groups back into my diet.  The goal is to see if I feel any change at all physically or emotionally when adding in these foods.  I have a choice , I can pick one food group and keep that one in my diet for about 2-3 days then I can add another.

So, the BIG question is, will it be bread, grains, dairy,  or eggs?  You will have to tune in tomorrow to find out.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and kind feedback about my blogs. I am enjoying sharing my journey.  

Laurie Hoffmann, MBA
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Food is powerful…learn how to use it


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