Day 7….ooops my bad!

Happy Saturday:

So, my bad, today was not the day I re-introduced a food group eliminated over the past 6 days, tomorrow is! Boo Hoo!

Oh well, moving on.  So today was pretty much the same as yesterday.  I made a great dinner(if I have to say so myself).  Center Cut Pork Chops(yes this Jewish girl eats pork and love it!), sweet potato and brussel sprouts (still not sure giving Sam Brussel Sprouts was the smartest thing to do, but hey, there is alway the spare bedroom to banish him to, if you know what I mean:)


The decision has been made tomorrow I will bring Eggs back into my life…..Egg/Egg White Omelet with spinach and tomato….OMG I cannot wait!

All kidding aside, the goal is to re-introduce a food group, dairy, egg, carbs etc and see if I notice any changes in the way I feel. I can tell you that since starting this detox the biggest change has been not being exhausted by 3pm, and that was one of the goals I had!

Tomorrow Sam and I will spend Super Bowl Sunday at home together, I will be making what I hope will be delicious and healthful Super Bowl Foods. Stay tuned…..

Make Good Choices!



Laurie Hoffmann, MBA
Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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