DAY 9….Forgot to plan for the snow!

OH NO!  I completely forgot to plan for a snow day.  So my number one tip for this program is be prepared and take inventory after day 7 of your food.  Not to worry Laurie, I am good to go.  I added my high fiber English Muffin back along with my egg for breakfast this morning and it was delicious.  I do miss my smoothies so tomorrow morning I am bringing it back.  I was creative and stuck to the plan.

I cannot tell a lie, this has been the most difficult day.  Being stuck inside all day I have wanted to eat, eat and eat. So I put myself in my office and never left other than breakfast and lunch and to prepare dinner. I kept my bottle of water by my side and had a couple cups of hot decaf tea with lemon.  All is good!

Be well, Stay safe, & Make good choices!!!



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