HI everyone:

Hoping you are all safe and sound and dug out from our major snow storm yesterday!

I had an interesting day with respect to food.  Today I went out for a friend’s birthday lunch. We went over to OOKA, which is a Sushi Restaurant. So I decided, by default, that today I would reintroduce rice into my diet.  After the Miso Salad all was good, however, after just two spoonfuls of the Miso Soup, I pushed it away. Man, was that the saltiest soup I had ever tasted.  Then the Sushi came, Tuna and Salmon rolls with brown rice(light on the rice).  Although I finished all of the sushi(go forbid I leave any food on my plate), I was not really “feeling it” if you know what I mean.  I was dipping in soy sauce, my usually thing with Sushi, however, it tasted very salty as well.  I guess during the detox, although I used salt, I was not using as much as I had normally been used to eating.  

About 20 minutes after lunch I had a headache and was very tired.  

You know, I was never sure if I completely bought into the fact that after the detox process my system would possibly react to certain foods in a negative fashion, I guess Laurie was right(shhhhh do not tell her I said that)


Really salty foods do not sit well with me and that Sushi, which I ate plenty of prior to the detox is still delicious, however, I will have it sparingly. Maybe I will appreciate it more by not having it as much.  I know one thing for sure, It definitely made me sleepy.

Laurie’s daily emails continue to keep me informed, focused and motivated.  After today, I look forward to testing other foods.

My apologies for not taking photos today, I promise to get back to that!

 Have a great night and hopefully tomorrow’s weather will not be as bad as they are predicting.

Make Good Choices….



Laurie Hoffmann, MBA
Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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