DAY 11..Detox ended & a new way of eating is discovered.

Hi all, first I hope everyone in my area who was hit by this ice storm has his or her electricity restored. Unfortunately we are still waiting, but found a place to sit and finally can write my last official blog about my 11 day Detox!

This blog will be the longest, as I really want to share my thoughts of the  before during and after.

Before starting this program,  I was not sure how much”buy in” I actually had about cleansing my digestive system and understanding what impact certain foods had on my body.  See, I cook & eat relatively healthy.  So when Laurie told me I would feel changes both while detoxing(not so great) and then positive ones during the process, I was really thinking, OK , maybe / maybe not.  I was not quite sure what to expect if anything at all. In the end I discovered much.

To  reiterate my WHY, for starting this program:

1. I wanted to have more energy throughout the day without having the 3pm CRASH!

2. I wanted to sleep better, now you should know I sleep, however I toss and turn all night long in my sleep. I guess what I wanted was to sleep soundly.

3. I wanted to see if I could reduce my cravings for certain foods, in particular the greatest invention ever to happen in our lifetime……the combination of yes, you guessed it…Peanut Butter and Chocolate!!!!!  I can literally take a jar of Skippy and dump Hershey’s milk chocolate chip morsels into the jar and go to town.

Days 1 & 2 were really all about being prepared with the right food in the house and learning new habits.  Do not stress, there is plenty to eat.  Laurie supplies all the lists for marketing and even some interesting recipes you can try. I however, cooked the foods I liked and just adjusted the ingredients based on the guidelines supplied by Laurie.  I also tried some new things. Sweet potatoes are so yummy, I had forgotten about them.  Hot Lemon water was a required drink 2x a day as was Cranberry Concentrate with water, ended up looking forward to my new drinks.   I made smoothies that included Kale, Spinach, Avocado and Almond Milk! This was a huge change for me and I ended up loving the smoothies and felt they satisfied and sustained me throughout the day. All of the above are keepers for me.

On day 3 , I was not feeling so great.  I actually thought I might be coming down with something.  I had a throbbing headache, was very tired and to be honest, went to bathroom many many times that day( sorry about the TMI, but I told you I wanted to be honest). However, Laurie informed me that this was the way my body was detoxing, and it can be  different for everyone.  When I awoke on day 4, it was so strange, I  felt 100% back to normal( if normal is a word that anyone has ever used for me).

By day 5 I started looking forward to the hot lemon water not only in the morning but in the afternoon too.(weird how that happens).  Again, this is something Laurie had said to me. She said to stick with it, that I might start to acquire a taste for the few things that were very different for me over time.  Well, she was, (shhhhhhh do not tell her) RIGHT!

From this point on,  the program became second nature. Funny how there is a learning curve to everything in life we start new. Why is it we expect to catch onto new things without having to read and/or learn?

I am so very happy I pushed myself to try this program.  I learned many things about myself by physically and emotionally. Here are all the great things I have taken away since the start of my Detox Journey:

The Results:

1. I feel less bloated and never had that stuffed feeling (and I ate plenty)

2. I have not had caffeine for 12 days now and I feel great without it.(I do not think I ever required caffeine, I think many of you would agree, however, I love the taste, so it became habit) Because of this one item eliminated from my “diet”,  I am sleeping better.  I will most likely treat myself to a cup of decaf every now and then for the flavor, but caffeine is out of my diet for good.

3. I am no longer crashing at 3pm!  I truly believe this program allowed me to achieve the correct blood sugar level to sustain me throughout the day. Yeah for the smoothies!

4. I lost 5 pounds, and that was not even a goal of mine, just an amazing added benefit and surprise.

Why I would recommend this program and working with Laurie:

1. Laurie’s Detox program is realistic for anyone. You can decide to KIS(keep it simple) and have grilled chicken, fish, shellfish, pork etc and go plain and simple or you can leave your comfort zone a bit and try some new things. (making your own dressings, using different spices and making different veggies)

2. Pre plan and get the shopping done in advance, if you always have the right foods in the house then following the program is easier and less stressful.

3. Read Laurie’s program, print it out and keep in the kitchen , it is a great resource.  You will love Laurie’s daily emails; they are short, focused, informative and motivating.

Changes I will take away and keep on keeping on with:

My smoothies!  Homemade Salad Dressing! Use more spices from my cabinet, vs sauces in jars! More raw foods incorporated into my everyday “diet” and enhanced awareness of sugar in the foods I purchase!


Laurie helps keep realistic expectations. She has a great balance with the program and her client.  She wants and makes it all about you and your individual wants and needs.  This is not a cookie cutter program.  She is not extreme by any means and her in-depth knowledge and expertise really impressed me.


Thank you Laurie Hoffman!  You have been a wonderful friend & coach from beginning to end. You really know your stuff and I appreciate you taking all my calls and answering my texts throughout these past 11 days.  I wish you continued success and look forward to the next time!

For everyone who followed, liked, shared or commented on my blogs…..OMG YOU ROCK! I was so surprised to find out that so many of my friends were following what I was doing and it truly kept me motivated and excited to share the days events.   I really had no idea what I was going to do other than believing it would be fun to share my experience with you all.  You were all my accountability partners, so thank you all so very much for keeping me on track.

I also wanted to let everyone know that leaving our comfort zones(CZ) can be very awkward and scary.  Whether it is a new food program, a new job, a new adventure, it is so worth venturing out of that CZ.  Over the past two years I have started a Network Marketing Career(talk about out of ones comfort zone, man was I scared) Participated in this Detox program, and published a BLOG(very scary territory and unknown for me).  However, believe me when I say, what happens outside of our comfort zone can be truly amazing.  I encourage you all to try it and try it soon. Ask yourself, is there something I have always wanted to do or be? If yes, do what NIKE says and JUST DO IT! (see the picture below)


comfort zone

PS: As I complete this blog our electricity has gone on…I’ve got the power! 


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