A week+later……

Hi everyone!

Wow, if you are in the Northeast you know we are getting slammed!  Hang in there everyone because the really great news is……SPRING ALWAYS FOLLOWS WINTER! SPRING IS COMING!

So it has been over a week since I officially completed my 11 day detox with Laurie Hoffman, Empower Through Nutrition.  I wanted to update you on how I am doing now that I am officially “on my own” (you should know Laurie is always there to answer a question).  Well, I am doing great!

  •  I have brought back my Egg McMuffin for breakfast, but instead of having one every day I have cut it back to 3 days and the other days I make my amazing smoothies.
  • I have brought back my wine and Friday Happy Hour, but have limited wine for weekends only unless I am at a special event.
  • I have kept up with my lemon water and cranberry/water drinks as well as taking the probiotic every day.
  • I am still 100% caffeine free and loving it. I do have a cup of decaf every now and then just for the taste, but I am not even having that daily.
  • Finally, I am cooking with my own spices and more raw foods vs. the  processed foods and sauces which I used way too much of before the cleanse.

OVERALL….Feeling great and doing fine.  I am still sleeping more soundly at night and still have my energy throughout the day.


This is an 11 detox, however the actual elimination period(where you eliminate certain foods and groups of foods) is for the first 7 days.  Come day 8 and you begin to reintroduce your body to the foods you gave up like, dairy, caffeine, gluten, Grains, nuts etc.

So come on, anyone can give up a few things for just 7 days!!!

Stay warm and safe

Talk to you all soon



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