A different kind of cleanse….

Today I embarked on a different kind of cleanse! Maybe it is just wanting spring so badly (and if you live up here in the northeast you understand), but today I attacked the CLOSET!

Yes ladies, I enlisted the help of my friend, Valarie Stock to help me clean, purge and find those hidden outfits amongst all of the clutter!  Valarie is an Image Consultant.  Valarie also works at Bloomingdales, Willow Grove, PA and that is where are friendship began. (Shhhhh do not tell my husband because making friends with a Sales/Image consultant at your local Bloomingdales may not be perceived as a good thing by your man)

Over the past couple of years Valarie and I have gotten to know each other.  We have shared our professional desires and given each other encouragement along the way. Today I took the plunge and hired Valarie to help me with my Closet Cleanse, and OMG, what a cleanse we had.

Not only did I rid myself of the clothing I had accumulated over many, many years, Valarie CLEANED MY CLOSET.  Yes you read correctly, she dusted, washed, wiped and organized my hangers too!

Bottom line:

1. We got rid of a lot of clothes that I was just not wearing anymore. Some of the items were so stuffed in somewhere that I had even forgotten they were there. Do not judge me ladies, because you all know what I mean.  If I had said, “Oh I have been looking for that.” once, I must have said it at least 6 times. Valarie did not pass any judgment; she put me at ease very quickly.

2. Valarie helped show me tops to pair with the many skirts I own but do not wear. Many times I have pulled out a skirt, over jeans, and end up putting it right back because I could not figure out what top would complement it.  Valarie pulled out 3 tops in two seconds flat for one skirt alone!  Now I have multiple tops for just one skirt, which will translate to 3-4 additional outfits. Yeah me!!!

Side note: Ellie, my daughter (19), would be proud. She is always telling me I should wear more skirts and dresses.  Darn, don’t you just hate it when your teenage daughter is right!

3.I can see clearly now the clutter is gone!  Now when I walk into my closet, I can see every article of clothing and handbag I own.  I can see all the clothes I love to wear and not have them hidden or shadowed by the clothes I would never wear again. Choosing what to wear will be so easy now.

4. Valarie will also take your clothes, handbags, shoes etc. and donate them on your behalf to a local thrift/consignment shop (tax deductible ladies).  You can always choose to take care of this yourself, however, I chose to allow Valarie to take the stuff and run!

Cleaning clutter and organizing, be it your closet, an office,  a junk drawer or or even the extra guest room that you dump everything in (that is my next project), makes you feel lighter refreshed and get this, less stressed!

I highly recommend cleansing your house. Pick a place, start small and just do it!  Hiring Valarie was amazing. It was worth having her here and I am positive I would not have lasted 3 hours had she not been with me. She helped me organize, figure out what clothes were maybe outdated and helped me make the decision to rid myself of them.

So……Next time you go to the Willow Grove Bloomingdales, head to the second floor Y.E.S Contemporary Sportswear and introduce yourself to Valarie. She is your go to girl and can help you find what you are looking for.  Now, if you would like a more personal touch concerning your Image/Fashion Desires, Closet Re-work etc., you can reach her by messaging me direct.

Make sure you scroll all the way down to view our pictures1

Now Go and Clean/Organize Something.


 Jodi Silverman


Jodi Silverman, is an Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Connector, Master Communicator & Mom.  Jodi loves to meet new people every day, find out what makes them excited and help them figure out a way to achieve their dreams!

Picture #1 I guess we were boring my dog, Maggie.  Picture #2 Whew, it was close but everything fit into Valarie’s trunk,

bed shot with maggie Packed and ready to go

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