Embrace the Salesperson within!

Time to sell!!!. Часы с надписьюI am not a sales person. I hear this almost every day, and it always amazes me.  I’ve got some news for everyone of you who think this or have said this so listen up. Ready?  WE ARE ALL SALESPEOPLE!

I am not just talking about the sale of a product or service.  Have you have ever made a suggestion/recommendation that resulted in influencing others to take action on those suggestions/recommendations?  If so, then guess what, you just made a SALE.

I read something a while back in Success Magazine, by Darren Hardy, he wrote ” there is nothing you can obtain in the human experience without the skills of selling or influence.”   So stop denying it and embrace the skill you were born with. Yes, I said born with. Do you know who the best salespeople really are? Yup, you guessed, your kids!  Children do not take no for an answer. They give us all the reasons why they need or want something, and keep asking until they get it.  It could be ice cream, candy, or a new toy, whatever it is, they use all the skills of a natural born sales person/influencer to get what they want when they want it.

We adults need to recognize and accept that we all sell something every single day.  Whether you are selling a friend on coming with you on a trip, selling a family member on trying a new movie or restaurant, and even selling your kids on your set of values and beliefs, everyone one of us sells something each and every day.  If this is true, then I say, accept it and learn to enhance this skill. Life is all about selling yourself so why not keep improving.

So the next time someone approaches you with a great opportunity that you really feel is valuable, do not say no because, you do not think you are a salesperson.  Say yes and embrace the salesperson/influencer within and seize the opportunity!


 Jodi Silverman





Jodi Silverman, is Mom, Wife, Daughter,  Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Connector, & Master Communicator.  Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve their financial and personal goals.

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