The Power of the Hand Written Note

The Power of the Hand Written Note

Image Now before you say, NO WAY, who would ever write a note and mail it? I want you to STOP AND THINK.

If you are like most people who grew up in the 1970’ s-1980 or earlier, you mother always taught you to write a hand written thank you note upon receiving a gift.  This was something that was ingrained in me by my mom and I am so happy.   I would complain about writing the notes, after my birthday, my Bat Mitzvah (over 50+ notes for that one), but at the end of the day, I had to write the notes.   My mother would even go so far to check my notes to ensure they were appropriate and personalize, not that standard note we all wrote, “Dear Aunt Sara, thank you so much for the generous gift.” She wanted to be sure the note wassincere and authentic. Although annoying and “painful” at times, I am so glad my mom did not give in, because I believe this little act of kindness and appropriateness has paid off throughout life, both personally and even more bigger for me professionally.

After graduating college I took a job in outside sales for a marketing/advertising distribution company.  I spent every day, 5 days a week making cold calls to retail stores.  At the end of every day I would pull out my box of thank you notecards and write each person I had the privilege of speaking to that day a personalized note (this could be 10-30 cards a night).  This, not only, set me apart from many of my competitors, but I believe contributed to my success in sales and in being one of the top performers for my team.  Fast-forward to today and very few people send out hand written notes.   This is in large part to email.

I believe there is still a time for a hand written note, and as long as we have the USPS is up and running, the thank you note should be utilized.  Consider the impact of a hand written note delivered via mail has today. There is less clutter because everyone is emailing or texting notes.  Your hand written note, not typed, will stand out, and make a huge impact with the recipient.  Whomever you send it to will remember you and this could go a long way especially with respect to career choices and gaining new business.

The Top 4 Reasons When a Hand Written Note would have the most Impact and be Most Appropriate:

     After a job interview: feel free to send a follow up email (we cannot ignore the power of email today)  as this is immediate, however, a hand written note will make you stand out from the other candidates.

     After meeting with a new prospect for business: this note could say something to reiterate how you enjoyed their company and how you look forward to working together etc.

     Receiving a gift:  yes, even if the gift is from a family member.  Do not take family for granted; a note goes a long way.

     Just Because:  these are times when a friend, family member, colleague or someone you may have just met does something nice for you and you just want to say THANK YOU!

   Jodi Silverman, is an Entrepreneur, Network Marketer, Connector, Master Communicator & Mom.  Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve their financial and personal goals. She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite, click the link below to see what that is all about!

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One thought on “The Power of the Hand Written Note

  1. Just Because: these are times when a friend, family member, colleague or someone you may have just met does something nice for you and you just want to say THANK YOU!

    ** I could not agree with you more. There is a huge feeling of importance when there is a letter signed . We have enough technology ( in my opinion to satisfy the business needs of the world)
    Social media ( while a great avenue) takes a way from the “once upon a time ” stationary
    (with your name Printed) and a hand written personal touch..

    The world in general needs to go back to some of the old traditional ways or reaching out.

    One last thing- I don’ know about other people ; however I still want the cards you get at CVS or Hallmark. I want it to come in the mail and be signed .. also my thing is underlining the most important parts of the card.

    My sister Jodi can attest ” just because ” gifts, unexpected phone calls or any other personal connection IS what adds to the “core of living ” and the “substance of a human being “– “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can”:)

    Jodi, Kudos to you. You know what is important!

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