Who knew? The customer really does matter.

ImageRecently my husband and I were in Miami for an evening before heading out on a cruise. On a recommendation from the concierge at our hotel, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant called Area 31.  It had been a long day and we were looking forward to sitting up on the balcony looking over the water at the beautiful yachts and the amazing skyline, with a drink in hand.

We waited about 10 minutes and still no one had approached our table.  I asked my husband to go inside and ask if there was someone who could take our drink order.  (On a side note, you should know that my husband and I are not complainers, nor were we angry, we just wanted to order a drink and enjoy the beautiful evening.)

No sooner had Sam walked in to ask the hostess if we should order a drink directly from bar did the waiter, Adam, come rushing over to take our order.  He was very apologetic and explained that he had spilled something all over his shirt and was changing.  We smiled, explained that all was good and ordered our drinks.  Then, Marcelo came by to introduce himself and apologize for the wait and asked if we would like anything. Then the manager (I feel terrible as I have forgotten his name for the moment) came over with two glasses of Champagne.

Sam and I spent some time talking to all three men and explained that we were in no way angry, just tired and thirsty.  They explained how important it was to them and the restaurant that every customer be happy and have a pleasant experience and apologized yet again. I was beyond wowed and impressed and immediately sent out a tweet to spread the word.

In today’s fast paced world I sometimes feel as if customer service has gone by the wayside.  The fact that everyone in Area 31 took ownership of our dining experience was very impressive.

I have been in sales and marketing my entire career.  The first lesson I learned and have kept top of mind for over 25+ years is to make the customer happy.   Even the best of us slip up every now and then. When you do, remember, as the customer, try to remain kind when expressing your discontent and as the business, just come clean, apologize and make good.

I now market for Stream Energy. We are a relationship-based business, which means we gather our customers via word of mouth.  I once heard our Chairman speak at a meeting. He said, “ we at Stream Energy Corporate go to work every day knowing that our customers are you, our associates, and your friends and family. This is why we work hard every day to ensure you get the best service we can offer.”

I would be honored for you to be my customer and rest assured you will get great care and service.  Call me at 215-872-9398 or email me at jsilverman@skllc.com to find out more on how you can save some money on your electric/gas bill, or even get your electric/gas for FREE.  Remember this is a bill you have to pay for every month no matter what, so why not check me out?

Jodi Silverman is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer & Connector.  Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve their financial and personal goals.

She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite; click the link below to see what that is all about!

Ignite the dream



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2 thoughts on “Who knew? The customer really does matter.

  1. Thank you, Jodi for highlighting this in such a beautiful way. Customer service is good business because it is about treating people will dignity and respect.

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