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“You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great”  unknown


Last week my friend Adina Laver, from Divorce Essentials, wrote a blog titled, “ Is Your Brain Stuck on Autopilot?”  She was discussing why change is so hard.  “Why we get used to things and we habituate to them.”  I agree with Adina, most of us do not like change and allow our self-talk to dissuade us from pursing our wants and desires.

Adina’s blog got me thinking about how I recently became stuck myself.  My new website, www.jodisilverman.com, Your Biggest Fan, should have been out months ago. Why wasn’t it?  Great question.  It was because as Adina put it so eloquently, my brain was stuck. Or as I would put it, I was scared.

Here is what my self talk said to me, let me know if it sounds familiar:

  • What if no one reads my blogs
  • What makes me think what I have to say is important enough for others to read
  • I am not really a writer
  • Other blogs /websites seem so state of the art, is mine enough?

We all have these thoughts; maybe for you it is about your job and asking for a raise or going for that promotion.  Maybe it is a shift in careers, starting an exercise program etc.  Whatever it is, change requires us to leave that oh so cozy, warm and fuzzy COMFORT ZONE, and that is scary and full of risk.  However, it is where the fun starts and the greatest rewards can be had.

I am nothing special; I am just someone who decided that leaving her comfort zone to try something new was worth it.  At 47 years old and with only one life to live, I did not want to always wonder, what if?


Four things required to help you leave your comfort zone:

  •  A BURNING DESIRE.  Whatever it is you want you have to want it badly enough to take that initial step out of your comfort zone.
  • A STRONG SUPPORT GROUP (MASTERMIND GROUP).  This can be just one person or a group of people. This person or people are who tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT.  Work on yourself.  Never stop learning.
  • RESILANCY/THE NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE.   You must be able to get up over and over again no matter how hard you fall or how many times you fall.

Now about you…

Share a time when you left your comfort zone and what happened.  I would love to hear your story.


If you ever wanted to ask me what this Stream Energy/Ignite Business is all about, but were hesitant, go ahead and leave your comfort zone and give me a call/email and I would be happy to chat.


Jodi Silverman is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer & Connector.  Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve their financial and personal goals.

She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite; click the link below to see what it is all about!

Ignite the dream


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One thought on “WHERE THE FUN STARTS.

  1. Jodi, I love this. Leaving the comfort zone is scary. I always resist it at first and then have to push my way through. I actually have some friends and colleagues that I keep very close because they consistently push me to do better. Resistance is always my first response… then I find my way to gratitude for this kind of genuine support.

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