The couples detox/cleanse has begun….

sam smoothie

Hi everyone,

Well, as was announced on facebook last week, Sam and I have decided to take our marriage of 22 years to a new level.  Let me start at the beginning…..

Sam and his partner share office space with Laurie Hoffmann’s husband, Charlie.  If you remember, Laurie is the owner of Empower Through  She is my friend, the Health and Wellness coach who guided me through my 11 day detox/cleanse a few months ago.  Sam saw both myself and Charlie eating healthier, feeling and looking better, and this got him thinking (which can lead to trouble).

Fast forward and Sam is now entering his busiest season.  See Sam, is a CPA, and as most of you know CPA’s work crazy long hours from January all the way through April.  What happened with Sam was that he was working so hard that he was really just eating his three meals a day without any snacking.  What you should also  know about Sam is that he really doesn’t snack anyway nor does he eat chocolate or candy ( I know ladies, how could I be happily married to someone who does not eat chocolate or candy? It ‘aint easy!).

Back to the story.  Working those long hours, not snacking and never eating candy, he was also forced to cut back on his beer. Yes, beer is Sam’s chocolate.  The result, Sam started to lose a bit of weight and felt better because of it.  He kept saying that he wanted to try Laurie’s 11 day detox/cleanse program, and I kept shrugging it off. The reason for the shrug was that in order for Sam to embark on the program, I would have to as well because I would have to do the shopping and cooking, and if I was going to cook differently for Sam I might as well just do it again for myself. The thought of having to help pack Sam’s lunches and snacks was not feeling very good to me.  Needless to say, he broke me down and we signed up with Laurie and here we are ,Day #2.

All is going well. Sam and I are off to a great start.  With better preparation by shopping earlier and smarter, we took off without a hitch.   One of the greatest thing about Sam is that he will eat whatever I make him. So although I am actually packing his lunch everyday(oy), he does not care what it is and   he is even drinking the veggie and fruit smoothies I make for myself.  He is a real trooper.

We will be in touch in another day or two with more from….The Couples Detox/Cleanse


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One thought on “The couples detox/cleanse has begun….

  1. The beautiful thing about Jodi and Sam is that “when Sam says “Yes dear” – he truly is thinking YES, Jodi , I adore you and stand behind you no matter what “- especially if it makes you happy.

    looking forward to the update

    Marcy Lynn

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