You have one missed call….so what?

missed call





To leave a message or not?  To return a missed call or not? These are the questions that have me completely baffled.  I am hoping that someone can help me understand!

See, I pride myself on being a very efficient and effective communicator.  So when people return calls just because they show up as a missed call without a message attached or bypassing the voice message altogether,  I have to wonder, am the only one who cannot make any sense of it.    Come on you know what I mean.  This whole issue of not leaving voice messages and not listening when someone leaves you a voice message completely baffles me.

Please do not misunderstand; this is not me being angry or trying to be cynical.  I just do not understand the concept of blindly returning missed calls and/or ignoring voice messages.

Ok, so hear me out first, and then I would love for you to weigh in!   

I think it is fair to assume most of us are very busy.   Most of the people I speak to daily are so starved for more time and feel that any free time is a luxury. I for one feel as if I am a slave to the phone.  We take it everywhere, we feel as if we must answer it just because it rings.  So I have to ask, if we all value our (limited) time, why is it that we take this precious time to return calls for no other reason than it shows up as a missed call on your phone?



I call someone and getting their voice message and I leave one.  My message might say hello, answer a question this person had asked me earlier and to let him/her know there is no need to call back because I will be in a meeting for the rest of the day.  So what does this person do when he/she sees the missed call?  Yup, you guessed it, they call me back without even listening to the message.  If this person had listened to the message, he/she would have saved time, gotten their answer and known I would not be able to talk, thereby saving them the wasted time of calling me back. We could also say that it would have been the same amount of time to call or listen, however, if they get me on the phone our conversation would most likely take up more time than just listening to the message.

Would you agree?


Someone you know calls gets your voice message and chooses to not leave a message, but apparently expects you to call back anyway.  See, this just makes no sense to me at all.  Why would I take the time to return a missed call with no message attached?  Let me be clear, I love talking to my friends and family; however, my work requires me to be on the phone much of the day. If I have a few moments free from the phone, I will not be calling a missed call back for the sake of calling.  I just figure if they had something to say they would leave me a message stating so and ask me to call them back.  Bottom line, if there is not a message asking me to take action and call back, I most likely will not.

Would you and why?


When someone returns a missed call to a number they do not recognize.  I mean, really, why would anyone take their precious time to return a call to someone who they may or may not know?  This has happened to me personally. I have misdialed a number and upon realizing my mistake I hang up, just to receive a call back saying, “ Hi you called me, who is this?”  I almost find it comical that someone would take their time to return a call to a total stranger feeling as if they might have missed an important call.  Again, I would think if it was important they would have left you a voice message.

OK, his is where you all come in.  I need your HELP to understand this interesting and frustrating missed phone/voice message phenomenon.

Leave a comment below and tell me why returning a missed call for no other reason than it is a missed call not only makes sense but is a practical use of our time.

Why you would not take the same time to just listen to the voice message someone left for you?

I am open to hear your feedback, although if I must be completey honest, I cannot imagine anyone shedding light on Scenario #3, but give it your best shot!

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She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite; click the link below to see what it is all about!

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