Wow, Day#7 already…

ImageWow, we cannot believe it is the end of Day#7 of our Spring East to Nourish Spring Cleanse program.  This has been a much smoother process than the first. Preparation is key to the success of any new eating regimen.  At the end of the blog I will give you our(really mine, Jodi) top 4 things you can do to  prepare for a successful start.

I will admit that packing Sam his lunch every day was something I was dreading.  Working, taking care of the dog, the house, the laundry and Dan, packing someone else’s lunch, come on ladies, you know what I am talking about, it really had me anxious.  However, with the proper planning and a husband who was just happy to have his food without any complaints or suggestions was why it all has worked out so well.

Sam feels better overall, he has more energy and to his surprise is not feeling hungry by midday which is when his afternoon hunger would kick in.   He told this to Laurie and both agree it is a direct result of cutting out and eliminating complex carbohydrates and most importantly SUGAR!  To date, including the four pre-detox days, Sam has lost just about 10 pounds. I am working very hard to not kick him out of the house or resent him or even slip some sugar into his smoothies because I have not lost 10 pounds!

Let me tell you about what I have experience this time around. I too have more energy throughout the day, I feel satisfied with respect to my level of hunger and yes, I am sleeping more soundly.  I have found more snacking foods this time around which has been one of the keys to my success.

Now to be human and transparent. I slipped up prior to beginning this Spring program with Laurie.  I had worked hard between the last detox and with my personal trainer, Brandi, from Train with Brandi, and lost a significant amount of weight. I was feeling really good, everything in my closet fit and that is an amazing feeling.  Then it happened.  I fell back into old habits, started putting the chocolate chip morsels into my peanut butter and eating it by the spoonful.  Eating everything filled with sugar, salt etc.

So you can imagine what the result was, yes, I gained all my weight back and then some. This is not easy to admit, but when I decided the first time to blog about my experience with Laurie’s program I made a promise to be completely transparent. So yes, I fell off the wagon like so many of us do. I have been pretty hard on myself until I realized, yesterday is over, and tomorrow is a new day. I have really enjoyed the food I have cooked and am feeling better once again.

Are you aware that you can change any habit or create a new habit in 28 days? Sam and I have decided we like the way we feel and are going for this as a lifestyle change, so at the end of these 11 days we will continue to work with Laurie on her

We have four more days left on the official 11 day Cleanse/Detox. During these four days we get to reintroduce foods like, break, dairy, gluten etc, back into our diets.  There are some foods that will come back permanently, however, we will continue to strive to keep our daily intake of sugar to a minimum as well as keeping everything in moderation.

Top 5 things you can do to prepare:

1. Remove all trigger foods (for me it was Skippy Peanut Butter and Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Morsels)

2. Stock up on veggies. Have them cut and ready for snacking

3. Have foods to snack on: Dried Fruit was great this time around. (just be sure that the only ingredient on the bag is the fruit then you know you are getting natural sugar vs. added)

4. Pre Plan your dinners for the week & purchase the ingredients in advance

5. Make extra for lunch options the next day


Recipe for the stir fry picture up top:

From Trader Joes: Bag of shredded veggies(broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, red & green cabbage)

Sautee the bag of shredded veggies in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic(garlic powder is ok) then remove and set aside

Sautee your favorite protein( chicken, salmon, shrimp, scallops)

Mix all together in the pan and enjoy.

(this was delicious the next day cold)




To contact Laurie click here: Empower Through Nutrition

To find out more about Jodi’s personal trainer of over 3 years click here: Train with Brandi

And please come and check out

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One thought on “Wow, Day#7 already…

  1. I wanna do it! Can I have Laurie’s contact info again!

    Great blog. Motivational!

    See you Thursday. Adina


    *Adina T. Laver, MBA, M.Ed., CPC*

    Divorce & Relationship Coach

    *DIVORCE Essentials*


    * *

    “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are.” ~ J. P. Morgan

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