FOR ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE….This one is for us.

Have you ever beaten yourself up because…
• you did not get to your kids carpool line first?
• you ate that piece of chocolate cake?
• you had to work instead of going on your child’s class trip?
• you missed that exercise class you planned on taking?
• you forgot about an appointment?

If you are like any other woman, then beating your self up is a daily activity. We women wear so many different hats, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, caretaker and I have still not mentioned corporate executive, entrepreneur, bake sale organizers, Brownie troop leader and the list could go on forever!

If women are all this and more then what is the problem?

Well, the problem is that we have such high expectations for ourselves to be all the above and more for others and ourselves that when we “fall short” in any one role we beat our selves up emotionally about it. I say we need to start being KINDER to ourselves.

The definition of kindness is, the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Why are we not generous and considerate to ourselves. Every day many women beat themselves up silently in their thoughts because they feel they should have done better at something in their lives. How do I know this, because being much like you, I do this to myself and realized that I have been doing it more often lately. However, after a conversation with a very smart business coach and attending a yoga based workshop with 11 other women this past Sunday, I realized that treating ourselves with kindness was something that we all need and could be doing more of.

If we cut others slack and tell the people we love it is ok if they slip up every now and then why is it we are not heading our own advice?

I am not saying we should not have goals and high expectations for ourselves, I am just offering that we give ourselves the same leeway we give to our friends and family and realize that if we begin to be kinder to ourselves, our stress level should decrease and I truly believe we will end up accomplishing more.

So the next time you hear yourself talking badly to yourself, stop, take a breath, close your eyes and remember what an amazing woman you truly are.

Here are 5 ways I am going to be kinder to myself this month:
1. I will allow myself time to read every day
2. I will designate specific times to work my direct sales business so I have more time with my daughter who is home from college this summer
3. I will take time each day to take my dog for a walk around the block
4. I will make a specific time each week to make more calls for my volunteer work
5. I will take time at the end of each day to pause and reflect on how truly blessed I am to have the family and friends I have in my life

What will you do today to start being Kinder to yourself?

Please share it in the comment section below, I would love to hear!

If time or financial freedom is a goal of yours, please consider allowing me to share what I do with you. It just may change your life, as it has mine.

Jodi Silverman is a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer & Connector. Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve financial and personal freedom. She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite

picture: Copyright: pixelsaway / 123RF Stock Photo


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