So what are you afraid of?


So you want to start a new business or you want to quit work altogether and be a stay at home mom, or maybe you want to go back to school, the list could go on and on. So what is holding you back? Yup, that’s right, that four letter word, FEAR!

Fear of the unknown, Fear of loss, Fear of ridicule, Fear, Fear, Fear!

I had a new associate start his own business with me this week and guess what his number one concern was? Yup, what his friends, family or business associates would think about him making the move to a direct sales business. Guess what everyone; I felt the exact same way 2 ½ years ago.

How many of you have been worried, scared or concerned of what others would think of the decisions you have made? I believe it is very “normal” for us all to want others approval, especially those who we value most in our lives. But guess what, we are not always going to get it and we had best be ready to say, “Oh well, I am doing this anyway.” Because the alternative is to not live the lives we were meant to live. How sad would that be?

I had a new associate start his own business with me this week and guess what his number one concern was? Yup, what his friends, family or business associates would think about him making the move to a direct sales business , guess what everyone; I felt the exact same way 2 ½ years ago.

 Many of you know my story already, so I will keep this brief.

Two years ago I started a Network Marketing Business. You know, one of those Pyramid things. I had been told my entire life that you never wanted to do one of “those things.” I had no idea why or why not. However, when a very dear friend introduced me to Ignite, powered by Stream Energy, I sat there wondering why not this business. It made total sense to me, the ability to use Relationship Marketing (word of mouth advertising) to inform my friends, family and others I knew about a way they could either save or make money on a life essential service, and this was a bad thing? It was also a way for me to earn, for the first time ever, residual income and contribute significantly to my family’s financial future. I made the decision a week later that it was something I had to try, otherwise I would never truly know if “these things worked.” There was nothing to lose and potentially a whole lot to gain.  Two and half years later, I am still here.

My point to sharing this story with you is that the moment I decided to start my Ignite Business, I broke out into a sweat worrying about what my friends and family would think. After all, no one wants anyone to tell you that what you have decided to do is stupid, wrong or could never work. In that same moment of worry and doubt, I stood up and said to myself, “ I do not really care. I have made a decision to do this for my family and myself and all I ask is that those who truly care about my family and me just support my decision. I am not saying that people did not doubt my decision and even voiced these doubts behind my back, but to my face, you had to be supportive, otherwise I was moving on. It is about deciding that what you want for yourself and your family trumps what others feel you should or should not be doing.

I am currently listening to the audio book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

In this timeless piece of wisdom, Mr. Hill outlines what he believes to be the 13 Principles behind what makes successful people successful. One of those beliefs is

Persistence(#8), and here is what he had to say about it:


In developing persistence, Hill prescribed “a definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment”, “a definite plan”, friendship and alliance with encouraging people, and a willingness to shut out negative and discouraging influences – advice that is still popular today.


So, how do you overcome the naysayers around you, and yes they are around each and every one of us? Glad you asked.

Here are 3 things you can do right not to overcome the fear of what others might say:

1. POSTURE; in other words your ATTITUDE.

Once you have decided for yourself that you want to start that new job, go back to school, change careers altogether etc., you must stand tall and let the people around you know what you are doing, why you are doing it and that you expect their full support. You are not asking for their opinions you are just making a statement or declaration and that is that.

2. Get rid of the Naysayers.

Limit the time you spend with those who are negative and telling you all the reasons you should not and cannot do something. If you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with positive, successful like-minded people

3. Belief & Trust in Yourself

Believe & Trust in your decisions. You must believe in your ability to make a decision, set a goal, and then go for it no matter what. Remember, you did your research, and you have made this decision for yourself and/or your family, no one gets to deny you that right.

My wish for you all: Live the life you have always dreamed of living. Do not allow fear of the unknown, or what others may say or think prevent you from doing and having it all!

P.S.  This “pyramid thing” has proven to be the most amazing business I have ever been a part of. Network Marketing is big/serious business. It is a vehicle which can provide time and financial freedoms and all on a part time basis.   So, if you have ever wanted to know what the buzz was all about but have been too “scared” to ask, just give me a call, I would be happy to share all that I have learned during these past two years.

Just Do It!



Jodi Silverman is a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer & Connector. Jodi loves to meet new people every day, and has a business designed to help people, of all backgrounds, achieve their financial and personal goals. She is a Senior Director with Stream Energy/Ignite.


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One thought on “So what are you afraid of?

  1. Jodi – After living most of the early years of our lives waiting for the approval of others and reaching for the ‘A’ – a mark on the yardstick defined by someone else, we then discover that truly living is about seeking what is true for us, regardless of what others think. In fact, I think C is a pretty good letter – Courage, Conviction and Confidence – three things that really make a difference. Thanks for your post.

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