When the door closes in your face…

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The door closed in her face, but Karen did not crumble.

Karen Bonitatibus is like so many other women, who made the decision to leave their full time careers to stay home and take care of their children full time.  What Karen and many others never expected was how difficult it would be to re enter their chosen career once their children had grown.
Prior to having her three amazing boys, Karen was a Physical Education Teacher and Coach in a great school district.  Once her boys were all in middle school, Karen decided it was time to go back to teaching.  Karen and her husband wanted to be able to pay for college for all three boys and in order to do so two incomes was a necessity.  Finding a job within a school during a struggling economy proved difficult so while working with a partial position and substituting the rest of the time Karen went back to school to keep her certification active acquire her Master’s degree in teaching.  After all of this, which Karen believed would make her more desirable to hire, she soon found out she was over qualified for many of the teaching positions and lost these opportunities to other applicants.  One can only imagine the frustration of being passed over for less qualified, inexperienced and younger applicants.

Most people would have given up.  NOT KAREN!  Karen knew she had to do something so she started her own residential home cleaning business and has built a client base over the years that has allowed her and her husband to send their boys to college, however, it was not enough.  Karen told me, “ I knew I wanted to do something else, I was just not sure what that something else was.”  Cleaning homes is back breaking physical work and although Karen is exceptional with long time clients, she truly wanted something else that could eventually replace and exceed her cleaning business income. She did not want yet another JOB that required trading her hours for dollars.

Well, Karen, being open minded, allowed me to take her to hear the business overview for Ignite/Stream Energy and decided right then and there that this was the business for her.  It has been just under three years that Karen and I have been working together and growing our Steam energy business and she has never regretted it for one minute.

Karen had her goals for her business. Get her electricity and gas bill paid for free by the company, build a significant residual income that would help finish paying for college and allow Karen to slowly cut back on her cleaning business.  Karen has achieved so much.  Today Karen is one of the first three associates in entire company,  (more than 250,000 associates) to have achieved FREE Energy (both her gas & electric usage are paid for by Stream) for her family.  She continues to build her business with others who desire more, just like her.  This growth is creating a monthly residual income that grows more and more significant every day.  Karen was even featured on the company’s Ignite Message of the Month CD which is mailed out to all Ignite Associates, sharing her story and being recognized for such amazing achievements.

For Karen everything she does is about her family.  She is a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business partner.  Karen continues to achieve her business and life goals and by the way, we are having loads of fun as we climb towards the top.

I am proud to know Karen and so truly blessed she said YES to Ignite.

Moral of Karen’s story:
Stay open to other possibilities. When life shuts the door in your face find a way to go through it, over or around it. Great things are waiting for you!

If you want MORE for yourself and your family, and have no idea how to get it or where to get it from, just open your mind to the possibilities.

Here are some ways for you to contact me so I can
share with you how Karen & I found a way to make a difference personally for ourselves and financially for our families.

Email me: jsilverman@skllc.com
Call me: 215-872-9398
Meet up with me: I will be at Panera Bread in Jenkintown, PA every Monday from September 15th- November 17th from 9am-12noon, just stop in & chat.

Check out this message from Stream Energy’s CEO:


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  1. great job! love the story. you are off!

    Kind Regards,*ADINA T. LAVER, MBA, M.ED, CPC**DIVORCE & RELATIONSHIP COACH**AUTHOR: DIVORCE COMPANION * *TEL.* 610.324.5608*Adina@DivorceEssentials.net **DivorceEssentials.net *

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