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Copyright: abluecup / 123RF Stock Photo


With no formal business education this pro golfer took the video franchise market by storm. Jody Campbell, meeting his future Father-n-law while pursing his career as a pro golfer in South Carolina made the move to New Jersey setting the stage for what would be a very successful and lucrative career as a Block Buster Video Franchise Owner. At one point during the years of 1991-2010, Jody owned multiple Block Buster Video Stores. Then, like anything in life,  times started changing, and by 2010 Jody had closed his very last store. What Jody learned from his experience with Blockbuster,  was that business came naturally to him and he knew he would be soon be back in the game.

It was November 2011, while attending a networking event that Jody was sitting at the right place at the right time, opportunity knocked! He had no idea that the women he was about to meet was one of the top women in her company and that she would be the one to bring residual income into his world.   Michele, was here, from Texas, looking for new business partners to join her organization. Stream/Ignite had expanded into the Northeast area in 2010 and she wanted to find some self-motivated individuals who understood what being a Network Marketing Professional could do for them.   Later that afternoon, Jody, taking a leap of faith, met with Michele, took a look at the company’s overview and compensation plan and as they say, the rest is history. Today, Jody continues to build a successful Stream business and has climbed the ranks to Senior Director. Just this past year Jody was recognized at Stream’s annual convention as a Rising Star (just 20 Ignite Associates receive this award out of thousands).

Bob Campbell, (of no relation to Jody) but a successful businessman as well, is also one of those individuals who knows how to capitalize on being at the right place at the right time. Bob owns a family run Insurance Business as well as being a partner/investor in various other business entities. When he was approached by one of those business partners (in 2010) to take a look at a Network Marketing Business coming to Pennsylvania he said ok. According to Bob, not only was the gentleman, who called, someone he respected, but when he heard that the business venture had to do with combining energy & residual income, he knew this could be something big , an opportunity to at a least check out.

What Bob saw was the Ignite Opportunity, powered by Steam Energy. Bob knew that energy deregulation was the largest industry to ever deregulate in US history, to use Bob’s words; it was the “perfect storm.” An established five-year-old, debt free company, opening in the Pennsylvania Market with plans to expand across the northeast over the next five years. With both feet and his family in tow, he jumped in and now has a very large organization.

Fun Fact: Campbell Insurance is the birthplace for Stream/Ignite in the Northeast.

The common thread for both Jody and Bob was BEING AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME or what Bob called the PERFECT STORM.

The perfect storm is coming again, now you are at the right place at the right time. Stream is getting ready to launch Nationwide.


Being at the right place at the right time is great, but only if you take action. Both Jody and Bob did, Jody, met with Michelle and Bob with a friend.

Opportunity is knocking at your door right now, I invite you to come and take a peak, you may just surprise yourself.

Here are the best ways to find me:

  • Call me: 215-872-9398
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  • Meet up with me Monday’s from October 20th-November 17th between 9am-12 noon at Panera Bread Company, 1641 Fairway Valley Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046
  • Be my guest at our Super Saturday event, November 15th from 9am-12 noon when Stream will announce and launch our Nationwide program (please call me to rsvp for this so I can secure you a seat)
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To find out more about Jodi click HERE.

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