It’s never too early to be grateful.

Figure 1Copyright: icetray / 123RF Stock Photo
Figure 1Copyright: icetray / 123RF Stock Photo

It’s Never to Early to Be Grateful.

No it is not Thanksgiving or the Holiday season yet. However there is a word that keeps coming up in the books I am reading, in conversations I am having, in articles I see on line and on inspirational quotes people are posting. That word is Gratitude. You do not need the holiday’s to express your gratitude.

It has truly opened my eyes to what it means to be grateful, and how easily it is to complain about what we do not have instead of being grateful for all we do have. The other plus for expressing gratitude is that it just makes you feel better!

A short story many of you can probably relate to:

For years I would complain and joke in sarcastic ways about not being to renovate my kitchen. I was frustrated that I could not have what I felt would make me love my home more, and ultimately bring me joy. One day while talking with my daughter, she said that she wished she could give me the money so I could have the kitchen I dreamed of. It was in that moment, I realized what I had been doing. Here my daughter was buying into my in order to be happy I must have a new kitchen campaign. Although her statement was coming from a loving and selfless place, I realized I was teaching my kids to want instead of being grateful for what they had.   I looked at Ellie and told her I loved her for wanting to buy me a kitchen, but if I never had my new kitchen it would truly be ok. I told her to look around and as she did I explained how grateful I was for having a roof over our heads and place to call home. How happy I was that she and Daniel were proud of their home and loved having their friends over. This was much more important than a new kitchen would ever be. I stopped talking about having a new kitchen and started being thankful for what I already had in front of me.

If you have found yourself caught up in the “I wish I had…” syndrome, take a moment to pause and…Try this:

Think of some things you often find yourself complaining about or wishing you had and instead find in them, what to be grateful for.

Here are a few:

  • Instead of whining about your job, be grateful for having one
  • Instead of complaining about what a bore school is, be grateful that in the in our country we all have the opportunity to go to school and learn new things
  • Instead of blaming your parents for all that is wrong in your life, be grateful to them for giving you a life you can do with whatever you choose.

Choosing gratitude over complaining is something we all have the power to do. As humans we have the gift of choice. The power to choose what kind of day we will have, so I urge you to make today a great day and realize how less stressful and more peaceful a day of expressing gratitude can be.

 What are you grateful for? Share in the comment section below.

Hop onto the Gratitude Train!


 What I am grateful for today:

I am grateful for so many things in my life beginning with my family, friends & health.

I am also grateful that my friend Beth thought enough about me to introduce me to the Ignite/Stream business. I have, in a short 3 years, met amazing people, learned new business skills, been given the opportunity to help out my family and friends financially and grow as a person.

I would welcome the opportunity to share with you just how powerful a company Stream is and how it can change your life and the lives of those you care about.

Big and Exciting things are about to happen at Stream. Be one of the first to hear all the details.

How to contact me:

For more about Jodi’s background click here

2 thoughts on “It’s never too early to be grateful.

  1. Hi Jodi – I love this article and the way in which you remind us that what we experience in life is in large part based upon the attitude we assume. You are an amazing mom to have been able to catch yourself in the moment and refrain things for your daughter. And I… am grateful to know you.

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