4 Keys to getting to your endgame.

4 Keys to getting to your endgame.bullseye


Hey friends,

It has been a while since I have written to you. I hope you are all well and going out every day to make your dreams come true.

I was recently going through some papers and stumbled upon a note I wrote to myself during last spring’s tennis season.  I wanted some additional inspiration while on the court competing in our USTA league.  I wrote down four key statements to keep with me as a reminder of what I wanted to do in order to be the best doubles partner.

Well, looking at those four key statements, I realize that they are not just important for tennis but important for life in general.  Whether it be other sports, your everyday life, your relationships with others or your business,; keeping these 4 keys in mind  will help you to focus and achieve greatness.

 4 keys to making things happen on and off the court, in life and in business

  • See the ball: in order to be really great at something you must first be able to see it.  For tennis it begins with seeing the ball, in life see the people; see the goal; see the opportunities; only then can you move to the second key.
  • Keep your eye on the ball:  Yup, seems simple. Seeing the ball is one thing, however, being able to keep your eye/focus on the ball is a whole other skill.  Keeping your eye on the ball, on the people or on the goal is not simple. It takes focus and concentration.  So many distractions on and off the courts, in and out of the office, can make us veer off in an undesired direction.  So be sure to maintain visual contact  (focus) on the ball/goal and you will be able to “hit” it.
  • Trust/Believe you can hit the ball:  You can see the ball and keep your eye on the ball, however if you do not truly believe you have the ability to hit it you will most likely miss or hit it into the net.  Surround yourself with great people, then trust and believe in yourself and in them and the ball will not only sail over the net but will result in a winning shot.
  • Commit to hitting the ball: Commit to hitting the ball, achieving the goal, building your business, being that friend or parent you wish to be. Whatever it is for you, be ready to put 100% commitment behind it.

So my friends, See it, keep your eye on it, trust in it and commit to it, and I am sure you will achieve the success you are looking for.


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