What you tell yourself really does matter.


What you are saying and thinking to yourself really does matter.
What you are saying and thinking to yourself really does matter.

Why has Serena Williams (age 33) been able to win 21 major tournaments as well as just securing her 6th Wimbledon Championship? 

I am not sure what others believe, but if you ask me, it is all about SELF TALK.   The things we say to ourselves silently in our minds that do not serve us well. These are the thoughts that make all the difference between winning and losing; rising above or sinking below; between success and failure.

I have no idea what Serena’s self talk sounds like (I would give anything to spend an hour alone with her to find out), however, I can tell you what it is not:

  • Oh shit my serve is off.
  • I hope I don’t double fault again.
  • I can’t believe she broke me twice while serving for the championship, what the hell is wrong with me?

These are not the things that go through a champions mind.

What goes through your mind on any given day?

I am almost positive you are not fully aware of your thoughts and self-talk. So, what do you say you start listening to yourself and find out? I believe you will be surprised at the amount of negative things you are actually telling yourself.

If you are still not convinced that a little negative self-talk is no big deal, how about the opinion of two more thought leaders?

“What we think, we become” -Buddha

“We become what we think about”-Earl Nightingale

“Watch your thoughts…for they become words. Watch your words…for they become actions. Watch your actions…for they become habits. Watch your habits…for they become your character. And watch your character…for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become. –Margaret Thatcher

Here is what I challenge you to do for one week:

  1. Listen to yourself, I mean really pay attention to your thoughts and what you are thinking and saying to yourself at any given moment.
  2. When you catch yourself thinking negatively or talking down to yourself, STOP IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Replace these negative thoughts with something positive you know to be true about yourself.
  4. Repeat the first three steps every day multiple times until positive self talk becomes your habit.

When you can become more aware of your thoughts and continue to STOP them little by little, before you know it you too will be like Serena Williams; forging ahead through all the obstacles that come your way and like Serena you can and will become a world #1 champion of your life!

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