Want your Summers off?


How would you like to take the summer off, every summer, and still get paid?
How would you like to take the entire summer off, every summer, and still get paid? 

Taking the summer off doesn’t have to be just for kids and college students anymore!

Would you believe me if I told you that you could actually take the summer off at age 56, and still receive a paycheck each month?

Susan Fisher never believed it could happen either. Susan worked for five years as a middle school principal and three years as a high school principal, when her brother Steve came to her and shared with her an opportunity of how she could get involved with a business and earn a passive residual income. Steve shared a vision with Susan of what her life could look like if she would just carve out an extra 2-3 hours a week and apply that time to focus on her part time business. After two years of building this business part time business, Susan retired ten years early and was able to do so without any debt.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Susan and call her a friend. We are both independent associates with the same company. I recently sent her a message via Facebook, just checking in and asking how she was doing? Here is Susan’s response:

“Doing great girl! Took summer off to run with my school buddies!!! Been hanging at the beach or in my pool. Ha! Back to work as of Super Saturday!!! I love you friend & miss you too!!! Let’s go get us a TESLA!!! Cheers!!!

The reason Susan is in this position today is because she had the courage to say yes to a part time business that most would have said no to. Instead of making excuses about her already busy work life(being a principal is high demand career), she put her head down and took the action required to build a part time business slowly and steadily. The result, well, just read the message above again. Susan’s residual check comes to her the 15th of the month regardless of where she is and what she is doing.

I do not know about you, but I for one, like the idea of summers off for life versus the 40/40/40 plan we are all told and encouraged to follow. You know the one:

Work (at least) 40 hours a week for 40 years for 40% of what was never enough for the first 40 years.

So why do I write this? Because I have seen what a part time home based business within the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Industry can do for every day people like you and me. I want options, the option to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want and for as long as I want. I want everyone I know and everyone I do not know to have these options.

I recently heard Geoffrey James , and at the end of the CD from Success Magazine, when asked what someone truly needed to do in order to be successful, he simply said, “ to have courage.”

So, think about what you truly want out of your life for yourself and your family then consider the following:

  • Having the courage to explore other options and ways of doing things, even when others tell you not to.
  • Having the courage to take a leap of faith in an industry that can afford you amazing personal, professional and financial freedoms.
  • Having the courage to open your mind to the possibility that there is another/different way.

Feel free to reach out should you decide you are interested in educating yourself about this amazing and misunderstood industry. I am always happy to share what I have learned.


Who knows, maybe in a year, two, three or five, you will have summers off too.

Still unsure?

Hear what the experts are saying…

All the best for the rest of your summer and hope you decide to make it a great year.

Jodi Silverman


lover of my family, reading, playing tennis, and working from home!

Coaching and Training others on how to start up and run their home based business.


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