Basketball’s Best Shooter

basketball shooter

Basketball’s Best Shooter!

This is the headline from an article published in this past Monday’s Wall Street Journal. It reminded me of a blog I wrote back in July, titled, What you tell yourself really does matter. This article by Jason Gay proves once again how powerful our thoughts are and how they can impact a positive or negative outcome.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s article,

Elena Delle Donne is a 6- foot-5 star of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky. She won the league MVP award this season and averaged 23.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and two blocked shots a game.

But that is not what sets her apart from everyone else. It is the fact that she has made history by sinking 207 free throws out of her 218 attempts. This translates to making 94.1% of her free throws! For anyone who follows basketball, this is an unheard of percentage!

Besides having a set routine as she approaches the free-throw line, it is what she tells herself each and every time prior to releasing the ball that makes a huge difference. According to the article Delle Donne said, “ I actually tell myself, ‘it’s going in”’ and says this to herself every single time.

If that does not prove that what we say and tell ourselves truly makes a difference between success and failure I am not sure what does.

Be aware of your thoughts and your self-talk and check out the blog I wrote in July for some helpful hints!

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(Facts and quotes for this blog post were taken from The Wall Street Journal, Monday, October 26, 2015 issue. Article by Jason Gay.)

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