They’re home!

They’re home! They’re gone! 

home sweet home


Parents everywhere are getting ready for their kids to come home from college.  For many this is their first time home since they were dropped them off back in August, which means mom and dad are really excited.  However, I feel compelled to help you all prepare for the possibility that your college son or daughter may only be home long enough for a quick hug, drop off their laundry and a meal or two!

Don’t shoot the messenger, hear me out as I have been through this as a kid myself and as a parent of a college Junior.   Especially for the freshman college student, coming home for Thanksgiving is all about seeing their high school friends for the first time since they left High School.  They have this burning desire kind of feeling when it comes to hanging out with old friends.  Sharing stories about their new lives, friends and experiences and reminiscing about “old” times.

I am writing this mom to mom, parent to parent…do not take it as a personal affront if your son or daughter comes home, drops of their laundry, chats for about thirty minutes then runs out to meet up with the old gang.

Here are some things you can do to grab that quality time with your son or daughter:

  1. Plan meal times together!
  2. Take a pre-emptive strike and suggest they invite their friends over and you will gladly supply the pizza.
  3. For mothers & daughters: schedule a manicure and pedicure outing.
  4. For fathers & sons: maybe a trip to the barber or just chilling in front of the TV watching football.

Most importantly: DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY!  I would invite you to sit back and watch. Watch them reunite with their friends and pause to really take it all in.  Take in and observe how they’ve grown and matured in just the short three months they’ve been away. Then pat yourselves on the back, because you created this amazing human being and set them down this path of independence.

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Hey Moms why not go to and check out the book my mom and I created just for you to give your college bound kids! It is never too late to impart your best tips to your kids. It just may make you feel better.

Jodi and her mom, Judy, created You’re On Your Own, NOW WHAT? Tips and Wisdom from Mom.


Jodi has two kids, Ellie and Dan and has been married to Sam for 23 years! She is a Certified Life Coach and is passionate about helping moms figure out what is next for them when the kids leave the nest!

You can reach Jodi at or check her out at




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